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We offer holistic solutions for a wide and diverse range of hosting services and web applications.

  • Custom Web Development
    Custom Web Development

    We have experience developing applications for a diverse range of markets and sectors. We excel at developing applications to meet the demanding requirements and needs for our customers. Fortunate for us we have a great team and a knack for this. Regardless of your industry or need, we can help.

  • Emergency Management
    Emergency Management

    For over a decade, we have been providing solid, sound, custom application solutions for the Emergency Operations and Management sector. Whether it’s health-care, HHS HAvBED data feeds, first responder, or an EOC, we know your business. We have experience at all levels and with multiple states under ASPR.

  • GIS Mapping Applications
    GIS Mapping Applications

    SiteVision has a long and endearing history with GIS, both in application development and hosting. We have experience with ESRI ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server, Minnesota Map Server, PostGIS, Google Maps and Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, and Manifold, just to name a few.

  • Content Management
    Content Management

    A Content Management System (CMS) is software that helps manage content for your web presence, it is not a web site builder or creator. Organizations with the need to manage and update their own site content can greatly benefit from implementing a CMS. Contact us to discuss the pros and cons of implementing a CMS.

  • Ecommerce

    Need a simple retail site that allows users to sign up for a seminar? Alternatively you might have a very complex requirement, such as a large, custom enterprise level e-commerce system tied into inventory systems and point of sale systems. From the simple to the complex, we can help you deploy a solution that meets your particular requirements.

  • Mobile & Tablet Solutions
    Mobile & Tablet Solutions

    iPad, Android, Windows Mobile, HTML5…. What’s a company to do? Developing multiple applications for multiple device operating systems can get expensive. Give us a call and we will discuss your project and give you solid, objective, and appropriate options based on your requirements and needs. We will even give you our opinion(s) … take’em or leave’m.

  • WildLife Rescue Patients
    WildLife Rescue Patients

    WILD-ONe – Wildlife Incident Log/Database and Online Network. An online patient management system and database designed specifically for the wildlife rehabilitation community. Custom web application designed to care for and manage wildlife, contacts, federal and state reporting, ties into Project Tripwire advanced GIS notification system.

  • Online Media Management
    Online Media Management

    Compose media and share with user’s around the world or customers next door. Presentations can include slide shows, documents, videos, and narratives that are packaged into a viewable, downloadable format. They can be posted on the internet, put to CD, posted or created as an RSS feed, or developed into podcasts.

  • SMS Text & Voice Alerting
    SMS Text & Voice Alerting

    We work with various 3rd party SMS aggregator service providers to ensure your alerting solution fits the bill. SiteVision can customize and develop an application that utilizes these services or integrate multiple solutions together to solve the problem. SiteVision has extensive experience in this arena.

  • MedEVAC WeatherSAFE
    MedEVAC WeatherSAFE

    Medevac EMS Helicopter operations now have a safe, effective solution to immediately alert them of prior weather turn-downs. You’ll know immediately if a previous request in your flight zone has been rejected, the requesting agency, the exact time, date, and weather conditions which prompted the turn-down – and more…

  • Real Estate & Auctions
    Real Estate & Auctions

    The fast pace of real estate and property auctions creates a need for users to have a site that is reliable, scaleable but also easy to update and maintain. Our applications disseminate the information needed to publish for successful auctions as well as allow them to provide an online bidding process for their clients.

  • Education

    Are you working at a college or k-12 school and wish your website content was up-to-date or you had an easy way for students to register for an upcoming an event? Have you wondered if there is an easier more efficient way for your teachers to easily manage state standardized lesson plans? Lets discuss your project and see how we may help.

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